Christine Krause is a boutique-level landscape designer who creates harmonious connections between people and their natural environments. Her passion lies in realizing outdoor living space transformations that give her clients more tranquil "aah moments" in their lives. Through partnering with private clients in both New England and the UK she's demonstrated the cornerstone of her approach: melding exterior and interior residential designs with European flair and sensitivity to existing features.

What sets Christine apart from other landscape designers is her committed follow through and preparedness in the entire creative process. From the initial consultation—where she liberally shares ideas—to the development of bespoke plans to high-touch vendor management, she's there every step of the way. Wherever her travels take her, she always has her eye out for products and resources for client projects. Since each design is vested with its owner's unique vision—which Christine artfully draws out and crystallizes—it's important to her to find out what matters in her client's lifestyle then exceed their expectations.

Christine learned to design everything from city gardens to countryside properties through both formal training and her own experiments in creating inside-outside homes following several moves and construction challenges. While living in London, Christine earned a BA Dip from the prestigious Inchbald School. She launched her own design firm in 2006 when she relocated to Salisbury, Connecticut.


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